New Brand Identity: An invitation

Interested stakeholders are invited to design a new brand identity for the UK Transhumanist Party (TPUK). Each identity should draw on the core design guidelines identified from the recent TPUK Sense-making workshop (see below for these guidelines). All proposed brands should include 4 key elements:1) brand name, 2) visual logo, 3) catch phrase(s) and 4) thematic imagery. Once completed, all proposed solutions must be uploaded, and links added to the wiki page “Proposed Transhumanist Party UK rebrand” – no later than 21st August. An online voting system between 21st – 28th Aug will reveal the most popular design. By 30th Aug, the Party Leader will select the brand with the most votes as the new identity. Alternatively, they may combine 2 or more converging concepts into one. Continue reading

New Social Contract

Transhumanist Party prize challenge The Transhumanist Party (UK) announces a new prize challenge: "New Social Contract". The purpose of the prize challenge is to encourage the development of ideas that will accelerate a positive transition to a society in which automation benefits everyone, and in which people are no longer evaluated according to the extent of paid employment that they undertake. Background Transhumanism considers humanity to be an unfinished project. Thanks to the application of science and technology, human nature can be dramatically enhanced. We need no longer fall victim to frail bodies and frail minds. We can transcend the cruel limits we have inherited from our biological heritage and from our social history. We can become better than well, experiencing superintelligence, superlongevity, and super well-being. It's not just our bodies, brains, and minds that can be significantly improved. The Transhumanist Party observes that our social relations can - and must - be improved too. As automation, robots, and AI take over more of the tasks which previously filled our hours of employment, more people will experience technological unemployment or technological under-employment. Unsurprisingly, this prospect can cause fear, alienation, and anger. That's why a new social contract is needed. Continue reading

New years message

As the year draws to its end, with it comes the time for reflection and analysis of the recent 12 month, and what a busy 12 months they have been, especially for the Transhumanist Party. 2016 saw the party’s first complete year since its official launch. In that year...... Continue reading

Agile organisations for agile politics

Important announcements about the evolution of Transhumanist Party UK Continue reading

[TPG] Statement in support of the (US) Transhuman National Committee

The following is an open letter being read as an address at the (US) Transhuman National Committee convention on 27th February 2016: My name is Amon Twyman, and I am making this statement in my capacity as Leader of the Transhumanist Party, a registered political party in the United Kingdom, and as a founder of the worldwide Transhumanist Party movement. The Transhumanist Party in the UK and beyond is fully supportive of the work of the Transhuman National Committee (TNC) in the United States. We see that work as an essential stepping stone toward the international development of our movement and a positive future for humanity. In addition to our general support and encouragement, there are three points I would like to raise which you may choose to reflect upon while planning the TNC’s next steps as an organisation.   Continue reading

[ISF] The Jewel and the Lotus

The following post is from the Institute for Social Futurism (ISF). Although its concerns are essentially philosophical, they inform many practical realities for organisations in our network over the coming year and beyond. If you’re looking for a quick punchline, this is perhaps not the article for you, but you could try skipping to section 1: The Jewel and the Lotus.   Continue reading

Membership representatives on the NEC

The Transhumanist Party is now looking for suitably qualified and motivated membership representatives to sit on its National Executive Committee (NEC), in line with its constitution (which can be found here). Membership representatives (“reps” for short) are people who sit on the NEC for one year as full voting members, speaking on behalf of the membership as a whole, until they face re-election at the next AGM.   Continue reading

Zoltan Istvan Does Not Speak For The Transhumanist Party

This is an open letter to the entire Transhumanist community, written in my capacity as Party Leader of the Transhumanist Party (a registered political party in the UK), coordinator of the Transhumanist Party Global umbrella organisation, and founder of multiple associated groups. I feel that it is now necessary to address an unfortunate apparent schism within the Transhumanist movement, and show the way forward toward a positive, constructive, intelligent solution to the problem. In other words, a solution which captures the intended spirit of Transhumanist thinking.   Continue reading

Official Policies Of The Transhumanist Party (2015)

Last Sunday (4th October 2015), we held the inaugural Transhumanist Party Day in London, including our first AGM to officially determine Party policy by democratic means. You can find the list of our officially approved policies below, but first I would like to make a brief comment on the voting process.   Continue reading

Corbyn Has Good Ideas, But The Nation Can Do Better

Labour is changing with the times, but we need a true vision for the future We welcome the return of the Labour party to its ideological roots, which will hopefully introduce real choice between the major parties for the first time in decades. However, it remains to be seen if this new leadership can truly move politics into the 21st Century. We applaud Mr Corbyn’s stance on environmental issues; notably climate change, carbon neutrality, and a clean nationalised energy supply. Furthermore, we support the view that the National Health Service (NHS) should remain publicly funded. However we oppose the offer of support for homeopathy, for which there is no scientific basis or evidence of efficacy.   Continue reading