Get involved in the party setup!

Greetings supporters and would-be members of Transhumanist Party UK, the second such national party in the world to bear the name since the founding of the Tranhumanist Party of the United States by Zoltan Istvan.

The party is currently in a formation period prior to registration with the Electoral Commission. During this time we have plenty to do!

First up, please join our discussions on Facebook and our official forums.

There are many discussions to have in the sphere of transhumanist politics, and related pro-science, progressive ideas that will comprise our 2015 manifesto.

Secondly, if you feel you can spare time on a more regular basis, there are many official positions and functions we are seeking to fulfil on an ongoing basis in the area of:

If you feel you could contribute in this way, please fill in our volunteer form or contact us via email.