Interviews, questions and answers

Every month this website will feature an interview from a series of other interviews with Transhumanist Party NEC members, and invited guest contributors.

In the first series we speak with NEC members and focus on the earliest states of the party's development, their personal visions of the party's future (near and far), and their views on some often controversial topics.

Readers are welcomed and encouraged to submit follow up questions to the interviewee, which will be accepted for two weeks (the closing date for questions will be stated along with the interview). Some of those follow up questions along with their answers will be published as an addition to the interview, in the next months update. 

Names will not be published with questions.

Please note that in certain circumstances such as high volume or duplicate, or very similar questions, some questions may not be answered.

Follow up questions can be sent to: News@TranshumanistParty.Org.UK

Amon Twyman - party leader

David Wood - treasurer

Alexander Karran