Making History: Transhumanist Party Supports First Candidate!

We’re still in the very earliest days for the Transhumanist Party around the world, but things have been particularly hectic in the UK, where we have been trying to get the party set up in time for the national election in early May. As it happens our registration with the government is still in progress, but we are happy to announce that the party will be supporting an independent candidate in the election this May. The details of this candidacy will be officially announced in a few days time.

You may wonder what the point of this exercise is, when the party is so new and our hope of actually winning this election is – to be frank – infinitesimal. We have two key goals at this stage:

The first is to loudly announce the existence of the Transhumanist Party in the UK, to show that we are serious, and that this is the beginning of organised political Transhumanism in the UK and around the world. To show that standing on a Transhumanist platform is possible.

The second is to spread Transhumanist ideas, and show people that the technological possibilities unfolding before our very eyes have the potential to change society for the better. Since announcing that UK party membership is open this week, we have been very pleased to receive enough support to stand a candidate and print 20,000 leaflets, which will be mailed out to the public by the government as part of the candidacy.

More details will be announced very soon. If you would like to join the party and help us move forward with this and further efforts, we would be very happy to have you aboard!

Dr. Amon Twyman
Transhumanist Party (UK) Leader