New Brand Identity: An invitation

Interested stakeholders are invited to design a new brand identity for the UK Transhumanist Party (TPUK).

Each identity should draw on the core design guidelines identified from the recent TPUK Sense-making workshop (see below for these guidelines).

All proposed brands should include 4 key elements:
1) brand name, 2) visual logo, 3) catch phrase(s) and 4) thematic imagery.

Once completed, all proposed solutions must be uploaded, and links added to the wiki page “Proposed Transhumanist Party UK rebrand”no later than 21st August.

An online voting system between 21st – 28th Aug will reveal the most popular design.

By 30th Aug, the Party Leader will select the brand with the most votes as the new identity. Alternatively, they may combine 2 or more converging concepts into one.

Design Guidelines

20-year Roadmap (future goals for the Party):

  • Within 1-2 years: Party Visibility: Party representatives to appear regularly on programmes such as BBC Question Time

  • Within 5 years: Create a Coalition Strategy document to set out terms for our MPs entering into parliamentary coalitions with other parties

  • 10–15 years time: Mainstream Influence: at least 10 MPs

  • 15–20 years time: Social Impact: Britain known as “Transhumanist Britannia” (or similar tag, as consistent with the Party’s rebrand)


Education (i.e. the what) via Open Systems (i.e. the how), Leaving No-one Behind (i.e. the why).


  • Super Wellbeing: Body, mind, and society

  • Sustainability: An abundance that respects the deep complexity of life

  • Foresight: Pragmatic, informed optimism in the face of uncertainty


For the next 1-2 years, the Party will primarily target and collaborate with Educators (i.e. Influencers), so that our impact is multiplied and maximised.


The Party has a predominantly ‘creative’ personality, made up of additional traits that include:

  • Stability – (i.e. Competence/Conscientiousness)

  • Emotionality – (i.e. Rebelliousness/Youthfulness)

  • Dynamism – (i.e. Authoritativeness/Friendliness)


Political Bias:

The Party’s political position leans towards Modern (i.e. progressive/social/open) Self-governance (i.e. libertarian).