New years message

As the year draws to its end, with it comes the time for reflection and analysis of the recent 12 month, and what a busy 12 months they have been, especially for the Transhumanist Party. 2016 saw the party’s first complete year since its official launch. In that year......

Several motivated and dedicated individuals joined together to establish a fully staffed NEC, and small teams willing to dedicate time and expertise to different projects according to their personal interests. We embarked on interesting campaigns such as pressing for the exemption of nootropics from the psychoactive substances bill, and began a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of a universal basic income. These are both projects which are ongoing today. We created and distributed numerous press releases, organised interviews, and spoke at many events. Together they (we) introduced the Transhumanist Party, what it stands for, and its intentions to the country and indeed the world. The Transhumanist Party was speaking and it was being heard.

The past few months have experienced a slight loss of momentum, first with the temporary absence of David Woods (Dave, to avoid confusion) who for professional reasons had to step away from party activities briefly, and secondly the simultaneous resignations of then party leader Amon Twyman, and then deputy Dirk Bruere. Since then Dave has permanently resumed his former post within the NEC, and PR and campaigns department. David Wood has accepted the role of chair, whilst also temporarily tending to the organisations legal responsibilities as treasurer.

Despite this brief unsettlement, following in-depth discussions on both the party’s past and future, morale is at an all-time high. The continued will and dedication of the team has been confirmed to be as strong as ever, and it is without doubt that momentum will not only have returned within the near future, but will far surpass the highest levels of the past 12 months.

There are many interesting and exciting intentions for the very near future. One of those intentions is to work much closer with members on issues which are of most importance and interest. Steps towards this have already been taken by the creation of a poll on our Facebook group and members Google group at the following links:

This poll aims to not only develop an understanding as to the issues Transhumanist Party members feel are most important, but determine who would be interested in working on specific projects within and on behalf of the party. From there, the issues which are discovered to be of most importance to members are the issues we as a party, hopefully with the assistance of the people who vote for those particular issues, will address. Of course other issues will be addressed accordingly, and members will always have the support and assistance of the party where possible, should they choose to progress on a project themselves. The poll even hosts the ability to include your own response for others to vote for. Be quick though as the poll closes at 11:30PM on Monday 2nd January.

Naturally there will be additional events the Transhumanist Party will be following closely throughout 2017, which the party will be sharing its thoughts and opinions on as and when those events occur. The most likely of these are the invoking of article 50, the Spring budget, and no doubt US President elect Donald Trump will produce one or two comment worthy opportunities. I’m sure there will be many interesting conversations about where the party stands on these issues, on Facebook and the All Members group.

Another exciting change lies within the general performance of the NEC. Although each department continues to have specific representatives, the focus has evolved from what each specific department can contribute towards a project, and is now rightly about what each person can contribute, regardless of their official role or department. Already this method is proving to be much more efficient and effective, and will benefit the party greatly moving forwards. For example there are already certain targets which have been created based on the collective skills and interests of the current volunteer base, and without the limitations and restrictions of strict departmental roles. These targets will be refined following the analysis of the poll results. Those targets are currently:

To have created and established three active campaign groups by March 2017
For each campaign group to be producing regular output by June 2017
To have a minimum of six positive mentions in UK media by June 2017

Of course with increased efficiency comes increased productivity and with the above targets in place, keeping and increasing momentum will likely be a natural occurrence through publicity rather than a specifically sought after one. Although some of that publicity will, as the above targets suggest, be external via the UK media, there are many internal publicity targets, some of which are:

To publish one press release every month
To reintroduce monthly email news letters
To update the website with regular, in depth status updates focussing on each individual project
To produce at least one Youtube video per month

It is no secret that none of the success over the past 12 months, nor the success we suspect we will see in the near future, would be possible without volunteers, members and supporters. The more members and volunteers the Transhumanist Party has, the stronger the party is and the more likely it is of being heard, and the better able we are to make those all important differences we came here to make. The high but reasonable ambitions of all party members become a little bit easier to obtain with every new member and volunteer. I’m sure it is of little surprise to most that increasing the membership and volunteer base is an ongoing project for the party, which is why we have created the following targets which will be worked towards via a variety of methods:

Doubling the number of Facebook group members by December 31st 2017, from 830 to 1,660
Doubling the amount of Twitter followers by December 31st 2017, from 243 to 486
Reaching 1000 Youtube ‘thumbs ups’ by December 31st 2017
Increasing party membership to 200.

In conclusion I’d like to thank all volunteers and supporters for their efforts and assistance so far. As has already been mentioned, the levels of success achieved and amount of progress we made over the last 12 months was more than any political organisation could have hoped for, and that wouldn’t have been possible without you. Everything you do, from brief notes letting us know that a specific link doesn’t work, to assistance with major long term projects, they are all what makes this organisation succeed. With 2017 just moments away I’m sure I speak for all members when I state how confident I am of increased success throughout the next year.

Be sure to sign up for email updates, subscribe to the Transhumanist Party Youtube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed, and of course don’t be a stranger to the all members group.

Looking forward to working with you during 2017.

From everybody at the Transhumanist Party, have a happy and prosperous new year.