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Welcome to the official site of Transhumanist UK, formerly known as the Transhumanist Party UK (and sometimes as TPUK).

Transhumanist UK is a technoprogressive activist organisation, committed to positive social change through technology.

The consequences of 21st century breakthroughs in science and technology will be profound. Whether these consequences are profoundly positive or profoundly negative is up to us - all of us - in how we anticipate and shape society's responses.

Through general outreach and specific campaigns, Transhumanist UK raises awareness of the key importance of transhumanist principles for practical matters in the UK and beyond.

You can see a copy of the Transhumanist UK principles below. Anyone who agrees with these principles and wishes to support our work can do so via the button above.

If you want to help make history, you can help make this happen, Join us!

Transhumanist UK Principles

Transhumanist UK envisions a future of sustainable superabundance, for all, with the key foundations being in place by 2035.

1. Evidence, Science, and Technology

All policy we advocate will as far as possible be evidence-based rather than ideology-based. Open sharing of information is paramount. Transhumanist UK champions science and technology, and exists to improve the human and societal condition through the use of technological tools. We supports policies to accelerate the creation and adoption of technologies that enhance the human condition, including but not limited to anti-aging, biotechnology, artificial and augmented intelligence, and other augmentations of human capabilities.

2. Bright Green

Transhumanist UK will use all means to work toward the abolition of unnecessary and involuntary suffering across society and throughout nature. We identify as "Bright Green" in the sense of advocating the use of technology to reduce and reverse the negative impact of humanity on the life of earth, and to enable sustainable, harmonious relationships.

3. Personal Freedom, Social Justice

Transhumanist UK advocates liberal social policy whereby all acts between mentally competent consenting adult citizens are legal. We advocate these freedoms in the context of strong social support for society’s weakest members, and base policy on the principle of “no one left behind” against their will. All citizens will have a right to sustenance, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, transport, education, and access to information resources. We also advocate that all citizens must be able to contribute to society, in their own fashion, without blemish to their dignity or sense of self worth.

An Introduction to Transhumanism

 (credits to the British Institute of Posthuman Studies for the video)

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