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Goals for the UK

The policies of Transhumanist UK are to designed to enable the UK to obtain an abundance of all-round flourishing by 2035, sustainably, with no-one left behind against their will.

These goals advance flourishing in six overlapping sectors of human life:

The first sector is new levels of individual flourishing. The goals here address bodily health and mental health:

  1. The average healthspan in the UK will be at least 90 years (up from 63 as at present).
  2. At least 99% of people in the UK will experience their mental health as “good” or “excellent”.

The second sector is new levels of social flourishing. There are four goals in this sector:

  1. Automation will remove the need for anyone to earn money by working.
  2. There will be no homelessness and no involuntary hunger.
  3. World-class life-preparation education to postgraduate level will be freely available to everyone.
  4. The crime rate will have been reduced by at least 90%.

The third sector is new levels of international flourishing. There are two goals in this sector:

  1. Risks of international military conflict will have been reduced by at least 90%.
  2. The UK will be part of a global “free travel” community of at least 25% of the earth’s population.

The fourth sector is new levels of environmental flourishing. There are three goals in this sector:

  1. The UK will be carbon-neutral, thanks to improved green energy management.
  2. The UK will be zero waste, and will have no adverse impact on the environment.
  3. Consumption of meat from slaughtered animals will be cut by at least 90%.

The fifth sector is new levels of cosmic flourishing. There are two goals in this sector:

  1. The UK will be part of an organisation that maintains a continuous human presence on Mars.
  2. Fusion – the energy source of the stars – will be generating at least 1% of the energy used in the UK.

The sixth sector is new levels of political flourishing. The final two goals belong in this sector:

  1. Politicians will no longer act in ways that are self-serving, untrustworthy, or incompetent. We’ll all feel proud of our politicians, and grateful for them.
  2. Parliament will involve a close partnership with a “House of AI” (or similar) revising chamber. Society will be guided by the best of human insight in close, productive collaboration with the best of AI insight.

For more details about these goals, see RAFT 2035.

Raising awareness

So long as the voting system in the UK remains "first past the post", the prospects are poor for any new political party to gain more than a token number of votes in any constituency in an election. As a comparison consider the Renew Party, with its well-developed national infrastructure, regular mailshots, and numerous interesting policy initiatives. In the UK General Election in December 2019, Renew stood candidates in four constituencies. These candidates received between 119 and 151 votes each, that is, from 0.2% to 0.3% of the votes cast in the various constituencies.

Transhumanist UK maintains its status as an official political party in the UK, registered with the Electoral Commission, but has no plans for stand candidates in any election in the foreseeable future. Instead, Transhumanist UK will advance its goals by regularly publishing articles, graphics memes, audio podcasts, and videos that apply transhumanist understanding to the issues and opportunities facing the UK.

In this way, Transhumanist UK is committed to raising awareness of the relevance and practicality of transhumanist insights, for the task of building a substantially better future for everyone in the UK, in line with the RAFT 2035 goals reviewed above.

The history of Transhumanist UK

The article about Transhumanist UK on H+Pedia covers the history of the organisation.

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