Meet the NEC


David Wood – Chair and treasurer.

David W. Wood (DSc) spent 25 years in the mobile computing and smartphone industries, envisioning, designing, and implementing devices and services for a better human future. Since 2008, as Chair of London Futurists, he has been organising events and projects on futurist and transhumanist topics. He is also the Executive Director of the political think-tank Transpolitica, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Humanity+, and the Principal of futurist consultancy Delta Wisdom. He is the author and editor of five books. His declared vision, for the next three years, is to dramatically raise the calibre of public discussion about transhumanism and radical futurism.



Alex Karran – Director of Nominations and Liasons department

Alexander Karran PhD , Was the first independent candidate to stand for election on an explicitly Transhumanist platform in the United Kingdom May 2015 election for the constituency of Liverpool Walton. Alexander has experience in the fields of psychology, psychophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, cybernetics, cyber security and forensic analysis, data science and scientific research, and dedicates his life to learning. He has published numerous academic research papers and more recently co-edited a book. Alexander currently consults for Transpolitica, the Cognitive Potentials Group and is working as an active academic in a UK university. His vision is to raise the awareness of Transhumanism in the public eye and to speak to the positive potential of accelerating technologies to transform human society and behaviour.




David Woods (Dave) - Director of PR and Campaigns

David, referred to as Dave by Transhumanist Party colleagues to minimise confusion with David Wood, is an entrepreneur, demographic futurologist, author, and philanthropist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. In his early career Dave assisted many small and medium sized businesses with creative design and advertising. Over time this role naturally adapted to provide increasing amounts of online advertising, website design and management. Success soon saw further expansion of services such as business management, employee management, and business advise services.

Most recently Dave’s attention has been focused towards research for his upcoming book which he hopes to have published in 2017, the development of two charitable organisations, the creation of a media based business venture, and of course continued work within the Transhumanist Party.




Cathy Wang – membership representative

Cathy has been building businesses and opening new markets based on the belief that the design thinking can really change the world for the last decade. She has worked across the globe in North America, EU, and MENA serving large organizations and governments providing innovation and service design consulting for the last decade. She believes in a future that empowers people with the use of technology. As an award-winning service designer, Cathy balances human needs, technology feasibility, and business goals. 

Cathy can be found mostly in London, where she consults for companies and startups on shaping of the business and vision. She has a great passion for social conscious / impact issues. She is in the process of setting up an investment fund focusing on solving social problems. 




Julian Snape – Director of Fundraising department.

Julian Snape is a Business Futurologist, Technology Consultant, Teacher and published Author. In the late 1990’s he helped co-found what has become the most successful Futurist and Transhumanist movements in Britain.

Julian has been at the cutting edge of technology for all of his thirty-year professional life. He began using remote sensing technology to assess flood damage with the Severn Trent Water Authority, then spent many years selling and marketing Apple Computers and Laser Printers from their pioneering days in the mid 1980’s.

In recent years he has been an I.T. Manager with a major book distribution company implementing advanced Customer Management systems and developing an eBook project.

He is a fully qualified teacher of technology and taught I.T. at the College of West Anglia. He has been an active futurist for over twenty years, co-founding Transhumanist and Futurist organisations dedicated to examining and promoting the positive use of technology for society. He is the PR Officer of the Transhumanist party UK, an active member of London Futurists and Consultant to the Transpolitica Think Tank.

He has been involved developing 3D printing for over the last five years first acquiring and building RepRap and Velmann printers and now uses an UP! Mini 3D Printer for demonstrations. He started the Technovation Anglia high-tech consultancy at the beginning of 2015 to assist local business to integrate new advanced technologies into their business models, with a combination of consultancy and education. He is now assisting the development of the Centre for Advanced Knowledge Engineering Technology Park for Big Data, Cyber-Security and Artificial Intelligence Education and Research in his home town of Downham Market in Norfolk.




Jenina Bas - membership representitive

Jenina Bas, MCIPR

Jenina is director of the business communications consultancy PendryWhite
(  She specializes in managing complex programmes in a strategic
communications context.

After an early background in arts organisation and as a magazine editor, her career in large PR
consultancies, as a freelancer and then with PendryWhite has seen her working with large
commercial organisations, as well as law firms  and professional service firms.  Jenina has supported
both modest start-ups with personal investors as well as early-stage SMEs looking to exit. Today, she
specializes in online-offline brand coherence and reputation management, with particular emphasis
on social media management and content marketing.

In addition to business clients, Jenina has also worked on campaigns aimed at a wide range of public
and private sector stakeholders, from policy makers and professional bodies to grassroots groups
and the general public.

An academic background in zoology and philosophy has shaped Jenina’s humanist critique of politics
and society today.