Towards a Technoprogressive New Deal

Supporters and friends of the Transhumanist Party UK who are in or near London on Thursday 5th March are invited to join an event, "Towards a Technoprogressive New Deal". This will be taking place at Newspeak House from 6.30pm onwards. The event is jointly hosted by London Futurists. The Technoprogressive New Deal (TND) builds on various ideas known as "Green New Deals" by additionally emphasising the possibility and desirability of greater liberation from the constraints of what is known as "human nature". In this way, the TND draws on insights from the worldwide transhumanist and technoprogressive communities about the radical potential of emerging technologies.The TND is a work in progress. This event is a chance to shape and improve this initiative, at a time when most political discussion is being blindsided by the accelerating pace of technological innovation. Read on for more details of the event. Continue reading

Party News January 2020

After a relatively quiet 2019, the Transhumanist Party 2020 is picking up momentum again in 2020. We'll be focusing on a set of bold, transformational goals that the UK can achieve by 2035, to take deep advantage of revolutions within science and technology. We'll be rolling out a new set of projects that will lay important groundwork, between now and 2025, for the larger changes that lie ahead. We'll be refreshing the content and the design on our website. Finally, we'll be inviting people to become involved in very practical ways with our initiatives. Read on to find out how friends and supporters of the Party can become involved. Continue reading

Transhumanism in the movies

Answers in the recent survey of Transhumanist Party members and supporters featured the word “videos” time and again. Here’s one answer, to the question What kind of activities do you think the Transhumanist Party should run? Advertisement, to get the fact out that the party actually exists! Videos to explain what the party is about and not scare people off! And another: Informative videos about futurist concepts And one more: Videos, podcasts, exhibitions. YouTube is a start. Beyond YouTube, there’s… Hollywood. For transhumanist ideas to change the world, it will help to have transhumanists featured in popular movies. That’s as heroes, not as villains! Well, there’s a long way to go, but this week’s newsletter has some promising indications on the path to use motion pictures to transform the political landscape. Read on for some details. Continue reading