Party News January 2020

After a relatively quiet 2019, the Transhumanist Party 2020 is picking up momentum again in 2020.

We'll be focusing on a set of bold, transformational goals that the UK can achieve by 2035, to take deep advantage of revolutions within science and technology.

We'll be rolling out a new set of projects that will lay important groundwork, between now and 2025, for the larger changes that lie ahead.

We'll be refreshing the content and the design on our website.

Finally, we'll be inviting people to become involved in very practical ways with our initiatives.

Read on to find out how friends and supporters of the Party can become involved.

To take part in discussions with other members and supporters of the Party about initiatives for 2020 and beyond, you can join the channel named #tpuk on the Slack workspace provided by one of TPUK's sister organisations, London Futurists. The way Slack works is that you need an invitation to take part. Please click on this invitation to get started!

One project you'll read about in that channel discussion is a commitment to update, improve, and develop the Party website. The website is intended to provide a handy “front door” entry point:

  • For members of the public to discover and deepen connections with others who support transhumanist principles
  • For journalists and event organisers to contact people who are willing to speak or write on behalf of transhumanism
  • For the Party to highlight projects that deserve wider support
  • For the Party to publish opinion pieces (press releases).

You'll also read about how you can support other Party initiatives:

  • Zoom conference calls taking place
  • Writing and reviewing short opinion pieces on a regular basis, providing commentary from a transhumanist point of view on developments in politics, society, science, and technology
  • Improving the H+Pedia wiki with its aim "to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensational information about transhumanism"
  • Making progress towards the "2025 interim targets" identified in the "RAFT 2035" roadmap to abundance, flourishing, and transcendence.

One of the interim targets that are already receiving priority attention is "Agree the basic elements of a revised social contract in which paid employment loses the prime position it has in present-day society". In simpler language, the target is to "Agree the basic operating principles of a post-work society". As you can read on the Slack channel dedicated to this project, there are four questions where we're seeking to develop good answers.

Watch out for more news soon!