Time for New Leadership

6th April 2020 Time for New Leadership The Board of the Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK) announces that it is inviting applications from people to take over the position of TPUK Leader. This is an opportunity to raise the profile and accelerate the progress of transhumanist politics in the UK. Continue reading

Transhumanist Party calls for open, truthful politics

5th February 2020. Important lessons from the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus News continues to break about the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. Earlier today, Wednesday, it emerged that at least 10 people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan, have tested positive for the disease. This outbreak is believed to be linked to a passenger who left the ship at a previous port on the journey, Hong Kong, and who was subsequently found to be ill with the virus. Worryingly, the passenger in question had left the cruise ship on 25th January. Only on Monday this week were tests commenced on the remaining passengers and crew members. It’s too early to tell whether the people who die from 2019-nCoV worldwide will eventually be measured in the hundreds, thousands, or perhaps even millions. Matters may depend on whether the virus mutates. However, what can already be said is that the spread of the disease could likely have been stopped much earlier if principles of openness and truthfulness had been followed by the authorities in the city, Wuhan, where the disease was first discovered. Instead, sadly, principles of convenience prevailed. Continue reading