Four waves of healthy longevity ahead

"Demystifying the transhumanist agenda". That was the title given by Longevity Technology to an exclusive interview earlier this week, featuring Transhumanist UK co-founder David Wood. The interview was conducted by Phil Newman, Editor-in-Chief at Longevity Technology, and Founder at First Longevity. Among other topics, Phil asked David about: The technologies poised to change the whole landscape of research into healthy longevity The four different levels of ambition which can be applied to improving healthy longevity The significance of transhumanism in the field of healthy longevity. The interview can be found here, and is available as a separate video on Vimeo. Read on for a short summary of four oncoming waves of appreciating and applying healthy longevity - waves that can take advantage of technology to enable everyone: To "age in place" better To be "superagers", aging more slowly To be "forever young", undoing aging To transcend from human to transhuman. Continue reading

Transhumanist UK welcomes the UK government's R&D roadmap

Transhumanist UK welcomes and responds to the publication of the UK government's policy paper "UK Research and Development Roadmap". Earlier this month, the UK government published a policy document with the stated vision "to attract global talent, cut unnecessary bureaucracy and cement the UK as a world-leading science superpower". This roadmap document, rightly, recognises the critical importance of science, research, and innovation: From the industrial revolution to the invention of radio, from vaccines to the World Wide Web, the contribution that science, research and innovation make to the world and people’s lives is unquestionable. Through a mix of curiosity and application, we have increased our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Through inventiveness comes great progress. Over 60 pages of A4, the policy document (PDF) contains a number of specific proposals, and requests feedback on the content. It describes itself as "the start of a big conversation on what actions need to be taken and how". To move the conversation forwards, Transhumanist UK offers the following comments. Continue reading

Highlighting the H+ Summit 2020

Transhumanist UK, a technoprogressive organisation committed to positive social change through technology, highlights and anticipates the H+ Summit which is taking place on 7th and 8th July 2020. The H+ Summit is organised by Humanity+, with video hosting by SingularityNET. (Click the picture to view the video. Alternatively visit this link: Some details of the schedule and the talks may be subject to change. For the latest information about the H+ Summit and to register to attend, see this Eventbrite page. Continue reading

Beyond a green new deal

A new cross-party political grouping, Reset-UK, has called for a national conversation on how to "shape a fairer, greener, future" in a post-Covid UK. Transhumanist UK applauds this initiative, and urges that the discussion expands from "Green New Deal" to "Technoprogressive New Deal". Reset-UK appeared on social media on 27th June with the following message: Will Covid change everything? And if so, who should decide how? We think it should be everyone–including you. Reset is a national conversation, initiated by MPs from all parties, to shape the post-Covid world. Speak out, be heard, get involved. The organisation's website indicates backing from members of parliament from the following parties: Green, Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, and SNP. Reset-UK has emerged from the existing Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal, which has an impressive set of advisors from industry, academia, the media, and NGOs. At a time when temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit are, remarkably, being recorded in towns within the Arctic Circle, with the potential to accelerate even greater warming via positive feedback cycles, it's vital that society thinks long and hard about measures to ensure a sustainable future for everyone. Otherwise, whilst we are distracted by other matters, environmental change may sweep upon us faster than expected. Enormous swarms of locusts that are presently devastating parts of India, Arabia, and Africa, are just one example of problems made much worse than usual by extreme weather. For these reasons, Transhumanist UK welcomes the Reset-UK initiative. Read on for some of the recommendations we will be bringing into the discussion. Continue reading

Ten competences urgently required

The UK is leading the world in Covid-19 statistics. The wrong sort of statistics. Ranking countries by deaths from Covid-19 per million of the population, according to official statistics, and excluding those small countries with populations under 200,000, the UK features as second placed, with 628 deaths per million. Only Belgium outranks the UK on this grisly measure. Worse, according to recent analysis of the data, the actual number of deaths from Covid-19 in the UK has considerably exceeded those reported in daily press briefings by government ministers. Officially, the most Covid-19 deaths in a single day in the UK was 980, on April 10th. However, there is evidence that the actual death toll exceeded 1000 on 22 consecutive days, peaking at 1,445. Sir David King, the country's former chief scientific adviser, who now heads an independent alternative to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), commented that the shortfalls in the figures released daily at the Downing Street briefings were "an attempt to play down the adversity that the country was faced with". Sir David continued: "They didn’t say we have to add on all these other numbers which would have been a more honest thing to say. They were saying things were more rosy than they actually were. The most important thing when you are running any crisis of this kind is truth and honesty. [That's] the only way to maintain the moral authority of the government." There's clearly something flawed in the way the country is being led. The politicians in power are pursuing the wrong values. Continue reading

Transhumanist Party calls for open, truthful politics

5th February 2020. Important lessons from the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus News continues to break about the spread of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. Earlier today, Wednesday, it emerged that at least 10 people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan, have tested positive for the disease. This outbreak is believed to be linked to a passenger who left the ship at a previous port on the journey, Hong Kong, and who was subsequently found to be ill with the virus. Worryingly, the passenger in question had left the cruise ship on 25th January. Only on Monday this week were tests commenced on the remaining passengers and crew members. It’s too early to tell whether the people who die from 2019-nCoV worldwide will eventually be measured in the hundreds, thousands, or perhaps even millions. Matters may depend on whether the virus mutates. However, what can already be said is that the spread of the disease could likely have been stopped much earlier if principles of openness and truthfulness had been followed by the authorities in the city, Wuhan, where the disease was first discovered. Instead, sadly, principles of convenience prevailed. Continue reading