The Who'd Have Thought It Eureka Moment

Westminster is kind of medieval - pretty much all of it, in fact.  The politics of the Transhumanist Party is TransWestminster.  Also, the Transhumanist Party recognises that ecology and technology - far reaching technology, are not mutually exclusive.  It's a step away from every kind of fundamentalism and unlike Westminster and its analogues throughout the world, Transhumanism has science at its heart. Politics generally doesn't like science, and it will smother, marginalise and even redact science quite shamelessly.  The whole point of technology is to augment our lives, Transhumanism places no ceiling on that.  Some people consider the pursuit of massive life extension to be ridiculous, but for me it's a case of, "get rich or die trying."  The Green Party was not much more than a ridiculed and maligned gingerbread movement until the 1990s, but even the far-right now have to at least be seen to be green.  Although they have never come to power, they have been effective.  Transhumanism doesn't even have to be that persuasive.  When a few technologies and mutually beneficial policies can grow through the cracks of the old superstructures, people will find themselves transhumanist literate in the same way they are now green literate.  Transhumanism needs fewer victories.  One little sight-augmenting contact lens here, one little sugar-regulating nano bot there, and the world can genuinely and for the better, turn on a sixpence and take a better path.  Science, Technology and Mutual Inclusion will set us free. The old mafias that make up historical Westminster have kept us in the dark ages, socially at least, and have used technology to corral us rather than to free us.  

Russell Burridge 45sc

Russell Burridge