Deepening the conversation

What should the Party stand for? If you were to run for office, what would you stand for? What kind of activities do you think the Transhumanist Party should run? Do you have any clever or wacky idea to save the UK from itself? ...

These were among the questions in the survey which we have asked members and supporters of the Transhumanist Party UK to complete.

The initial results have been inspiring. And thought-provoking.

We've seen lots of thoughtful optimism alongside lots of pragmatic realism.

Many thanks to everyone who has taken part so far!

But this is only the start of what we envision will become a deeper, more productive conversation.

In the weeks ahead, we'll be asking some more specific questions in follow-up surveys, about which policies and campaigns we should prioritise.

Before then, the first survey remains open. If you count yourself as a supporter of the Party, you can click here to add your answers to the ones we've already received.

To give you some ideas, we're making available a document that gathers together the results from the first forty sets of answers we received. Click here to read these results.

You'll find that you can make comments directly in that document. That's one way to move the conversation forwards!

Another reason we're opening up the results is to ask for your help in analysing the data we've received. Use whichever tools and methods are your favourites - formal and/or informal. Please let us know your findings!

For example, here's a word cloud of the answers to the question, What do you think are the 3 key things the party should stand for?

In case you didn't see the link to take part in the survey, here it is again:

We look forward to deepening the conversation, so that the best insights of the Party's supporters will guide our action.

In this way, we'll make faster progress towards our goals of changing the political landscape in the UK:

  • Positive social change through technology
  • All-round improvements in human wellbeing, with no-one left behind
  • Science and evidence before ideology and vested interests