Time for New Leadership

6th April 2020

Time for New Leadership

The Board of the Transhumanist Party UK (TPUK) announces that it is inviting applications from people to take over the position of TPUK Leader.

This is an opportunity to raise the profile and accelerate the progress of transhumanist politics in the UK.

TPUK is a technoprogressive political organisation, committed to positive social change through technology. The Party’s stated principles are:

  • Evidence, Science, and Technology
  • Bright Green
  • Personal Freedom, Social Justice

The new TPUK Leader will be supported by the Party’s Board as he/she puts a personal stamp on the Party’s activities.

The Board invites applications from people who:

  • Are resident within the UK
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of transhumanism and enthusiasm for it
  • Can explain their vision for how the TPUK would evolve under their leadership.

Please submit applications or enquiries to [email protected].

The closing date for applications is 27th April.

Applicants should indicate whether, if someone else is selected instead of them, they will be willing to take a role within whatever leadership team the successful candidate establishes.

The position is unpaid. However, the Board will authorise expenditure over 12 months of up to £500 of the Party’s legacy funds, for purposes chosen by the Leader (so long as the expenditure meets Electoral Commission guidelines). If paid membership and/or donations increase as a result of the Leader’s activities, additional expenditure can be authorised.

The decision of which applicant is selected will be taken by the Party’s Board. The Board consists of individuals who have a long-term commitment to the Party’s wellbeing. The Board expects to reach a decision by the end of May.

Julian Snape, TPUK co-founder, commented:

It’s time for a new generation of political transhumanists to show the difference they can make to the British political landscape. I look forward to supporting whoever wins the forthcoming selection contest.

David Wood, Chair of the TPUK Board, commented:

Recent events are making clear the need for the UK to step up its preparations for seismic changes in the wake of major technological and social disruptions. We need new voices who can attract public attention to the powerful risks and opportunities enabled by biotech, nanotech, infotech, and cognotech.